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Atria Research Lab is an independent, self-sustaining, not-for-profit multidisciplinary contract research institute conducting research and development in the areas of special significance to industry, government agencies and other organizations. Atria is committed to develop, innovate, analyse and apply technology for products and processes.

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The Analytical Sciences Division provides prompt, precise and dependable analytical services in the fields of metal and minerals, rubber and plastics, building materials, paper, leather and textiles, chemicals and agro chemicals, food and pharmaceuticals, petroleum products, home appliances and Microbiological studies. The Division standardizes develop and validate new methods for analysis . It provides assistance to customers to ensure the quality of products laid down by various certifying agencies and statutory bodies.

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Atria research lab has experienced scientist & marketing personnel to meet the customer requirements globally. We are having capability in the following areas.

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Consultancy for NABL Accreditation & ISO
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Dr. K. J. Balasubramani

Dr. K. J. Balasubramani was born in Nilgiri, Tamilnadu. Schooling was done at Ramakrishna Mission Coimbatore. Graduated from Govt. Arts college, Ooty under Madras University with chemistry as a Major subject. Completed Masters in Analytical Chemistry in the year 1984-1986, and pursued Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry and Metallurgy from National Metallurgical Laboratory, CSIR under Madras University with CSIR Fellowship from 1987-1992. Completed Lead Auditor Course in ISO 9000 conducted by Nigel Bauer and Associates U.K. (FICCI QUALITY FORUM) IRCA certified course